SAVOUR Gourmet Magazine

I’m pleased to be freelance writing for Savour Magazine which is published quarterly by Prosper Media Group Inc., Westbank, BC.

With permission, I am posting story commissions that I have written for Savour. Better yet though go to the website — and see the whole magazine online. It’s a great magazine in which to be a contributor and includes a number of informative articles, recipes and information on the Okanagan and other areas of British Columbia.

Savour has been well received and its circulation is on the rise. It offers a unique audience for advertisers trying to reach residents and tourists interested in embracing the wonders of beautiful British Columbia!

Savour Spring 2010

Savour Summer 2010

Savour Fall 2010

Savour Winter 2011

In my travels to cover these stories, I met wonderful and gracious owners and operators who are dedicated to their customers and making the Okanagan an even better place to live. I will be expanding on some of these businesses in my blog in the future and adding some of the photographs I took during the interviews. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and everyone who took the time to meet with me.

About rozsmallfry

Live. Learn. Write. I’m the behind the lenses, author of the words kind of person. In classic drama or opera or the Robertson Davies’ book of the same title, I’d be the player called Fifth Business. Fifth Business is neither heroine nor villain yet instrumental in making the plot happen. I’d far rather learn about you than talk about myself and building relationships is at the core of who I am. The more I learn, the more I realize I have lots to learn. When I was a child one of my nicknames was Small Fry. Now I understand. I really am a small fry in a great big world of learning.
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2 Responses to SAVOUR Gourmet Magazine

  1. Reta Bjorkman says:

    I have phoned 5 times – tried many other ways of contacting this magazine for 2 subscriptions. But no answers – Please, what a wonderful magazine – I lived there 16 yrs. I would love to give this magazine to 2 people. Reta Bjorkman

    • rozsmallfry says:

      Hi Reta: Thanks for your comment — sorry for the delayed response, I was off-line for a couple of days and just getting caught up. I’m very proud to be a freelance writer and photographer for Savour. I’m so sorry you’ve had issues contacting the magazine. Have you tried the online site?

      If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll forward your email to Chytra Brown, Editor-in-Chief, to check out what’s happening. Are you calling 250-868-2229?

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