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My Birthday is but a Day

My life of late has been charmed and if at times I seem to taunt the less blessed please understand it is merely a tease. My journey to travel to this place of contentment and joy while not as epic … Continue reading

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Here’s a wine fest for your bucket list: The Winter Okanagan Wine Fest at Sun Peaks Resort

Winter magic of Sun Peaks village at night Happily, I was commissioned by Savour Magazine to do two short online pieces on the Winter Okanagan Wine Festival 2012. One was intended to help shine light on the event and promote … Continue reading

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Want to hang around the Okanagan?

Check out the ZipZone Adventure Park in Peachland, BC.         Is there an unwritten rule that says you need to actually try something personally to blog about it? If so, I’m breaking it! I’m breaking it because … Continue reading

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