7th Annual Barrel Bash celebrated at Da Silva Vineyards and Winery

After an eventful season that included the addition of the new brand Da Silva Vineyards and Winery to the successful Misconduct Wines on the Naramata Bench to mark its 10th Anniversary, owners Richard and Twylla da Silva welcomed guests to the 7th Annual Barrel Bash, Saturday, September 29.

Says Richard and Twylla, “We’ve unveiled this new brand to highlight our evolution, winemaking and family’s history. Our Da Silva label presents ultra-premium, small lot wines centered around the 11 diverse vineyards we manage.”

It reflects their belief that the geography of a grape’s growth is one of the most important factors in its resulting quality. Richard and Twylla are dedicated to creating wines that are reflective of the personalities of their vineyards, using low intervention winemaking techniques and extended cellar aging.

The da Silva family immigrated in 1955 to the Naramata Bench from Portugal arriving with a suitcase and a strong work ethic. Applying hard work and farming to make their way, the first family farm was purchased in 1959.

“Today, we continue the tradition with a deep-rooted connection and respect for the land”, says Richard da Silva, Proprietor and Vigneron of Da Silva Vineyards and Winery. “Twylla and I drew extensively from this heritage when creating our winery in 2008 and the evolution of our journey and wines are a testament to our long family lineage. Our journey has been a true discovery of place.”

Upon entering the winery, guests were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine – the lovely Narrative by Okanagan Crush Pad given that the da Silvas have yet to produce their own bubbly. After brief words of introduction, the party spilled into the dining room where beautifully decorated tables adorned with wine glasses and charcuterie awaited.

Chef Abul Adame of The Kitchen presented six delectable courses with an Italian theme paired with wines from Da Silva Vineyards and Winery including the inaugural release of 2012 Black Label Merlot.

Chef Abul Adame with the lady who inspired him into the kitchen — his Mom

Enrichening the evening was music by Violet Finch, a Vancouver trio, who were also willing to accept requests from the guests.

Vancouver musicians Violet Finch

During a break, the Violet Finch team sorted out requests

We sat at a table with two couples whose vineyards supplied Da Silva with grapes and truly enjoyed the conversation. One of vineyard owners had recently sold his property to the da Silvas and was delighted to see the legacy continue.


1st course

Antipasti: Warm mixed olives, Toasted walnut and roasted garlic spread, Salami Loveto and Gorgonzola, Anchovies in citrus vinaigrette
Paired with 2015 Massacre Rosé

2nd course

Tomato velouté with basil coulis and toasted pine nuts
Paired with 2016 Misfit

3rd course

Mixed green salad with polpettine di Melanzane, duck confit with Amarena cherry gastrique
Paired with 2015 Pinot Noir

4th course

Capellini, mushrooms, sage brown butter with Grana Padano cheese
Paired with 2016 Chardonnay

5th course

Red wine slow braised beef, soft polenta and maple roasted squash
Paired with 2012 Black Label Merlot
*Inaugural Release*

6th course

Espresso Tiramisu
Paired with 2014 Inverno Icewine

Thanks and Salutes

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