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May 19, 2013 – Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival 2013


Oysters in the Desert

While I’m shocked that a month has already passed since the shucking at the Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival, the good news is that there’s less time to wait for next year’s event. Who knew you’d be able to get such fresh, delectable oysters in the desert?

Okay, Claire Sear, who is a sales manager at Walnut Beach Resort, Osoyoos, and EAT Magazine’s Okanagan Contributing Editor, loves bivalves, and like many of us, is pretty confident in our local fish mongers. The fine folks at Codfathers Seafood Market (Kelowna), Buy the Sea Fresh Seafood Market & Fish n’ Chip Shop (Penticton and West Kelowna) and Helen’s Seafood Cove (Osoyoos) put heart and soul into bringing in the freshest, high quality product that they can source. Jon and Anne-Marie Crofts of Codfathers, for example, are true leaders in encouraging sustainable harvesting of seafood products and promoting small artisanal fisheries. Knowing she could count on the support of these fish mongers, Claire figured “even oysters need a day in the sun,” so she enlisted a team to create the Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival.

From the start the plan was “to showcase the sustainable oysters produced by the farmers and guilds of the nearby West Coast together with the award-winning wines of the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association.” This year, in its second year, the festival launched the first Canada-wide oyster wine pairing competition, which was sponsored by Codfathers Seafood Market, EAT Magazine and Walnut Beach Resort. Claire, creator of the Canadian Oyster Wine Competition, explained, “Jon Rowley of Seattle’s Taylor Shellfish Farms created the American Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition and we knew it was time for a Canadian Oyster Wine Competition given we live in a country that is one of the best in the world for producing oysters and what better place could there be to stage it than the heart of wine country.”

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine judges IMG_5066

Open to all wineries in Canada, the inaugural competition drew over 80 entries to the eight categories and included a Wild Card category in which any alcoholic beverage produced as 100 per cent Canadian product could be entered. Judges included Rhys Pender, Master of Wine and owner of www.wineplus.ca; Mark Filatow, Sommelier and Chef www.waterfrontrestaurant.ca and Canadian Culinary Championships British Columbia winner and finale competitor; Audrey Surrao, WSET certified and co-owner www.raudz.com; Cassandra Anderton, food and wine writer and publisher of www.goodlifevancouver.com and Bradley James Cooper, Okanagan winemaker and owner Black Cloud Winery www.blackcloud.ca At Walnut Beach Resort, judges paired each wine with Marina’s Top Drawer Oysters from Outlandish Shellfish grown near Cortes Island. www.outlandish-shellfish.com

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine  IMG_5026 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine  IMG_5027 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept   IMG_5050 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_0381RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5024 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5025 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5045 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5053 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5056 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5058 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5059 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5060 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5061 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5062 - Copy

Congratulations to all the wineries that took part. Categories and winners in the 2013 Canadian Oyster Wine Competition are:

Best of Show: Winner: Blue Mountain Vineyards 2011

Pinot Blanc: Winner: Kraze Legz Estate Winery 2012;

Runner-Up: Lake Breeze Vineyards 2012

Un-Oaked Chardonnay: Winner: Poplar Grove Winery 2011;

Runner-Up: Meyer Family Vineyards 2011

Oaked Chardonnay: Winner: Upper Bench Estate Winery 2011;

Runner-Up: Dostana 2010

Riesling: Winner: Intrigue Wines, Focus Riesling 2012;

Runner-Up: Kalala Estate Winery 2010

Pinot Gris: Winner: Blue Mountain Vineyards 2011;

Runner-Up:  Tinhorn Creek Vineyards 2012

Sauvignon Blanc: Winner:  Bench 1775 2011;

Runner-Up: Clos du Soleil Fume Blanc 2012

Sparkling: Winner: Haywire The Bub 2011;

Runner-Up: Noble Ridge Winery The One 2009

Wild Card: Winner: Cherry Point Estate Winery Gewurztraminer 2011;

Runner-Up: Tinhorn Creek 2Bench White 2011

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5028 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5029 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5030 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5031 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5032 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5034 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5035 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5037 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5038 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5040 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5041 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5043 - CopyRBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine IMG_5055 - Copy

Exciting Array of Events

The festival includes a number of great events so you’ll want to stay awhile. Walnut Beach Resort offers a special rate that’s hard to beat (In 2013, starting at $79.) Rooms are well-appointed and have kitchen facilities. There’s an outdoor pool and hot tubs as well as fitness facilities with sauna and steam shower. Weather permitting, as it did in year one of the festival, you can also lounge on its private beach.

Art of the Oyster

The signature event is called the Art of the Oyster and a work of art it is! This is the second year we attended this festivity and barring any unforeseen circumstance we’ll be first in line for it again next year. Last year I got to cover it for Savour Magazine. Oyster creations are featured from the area’s best restaurants and chefs which are paired with wines from participating wineries of the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association. Effingham Oysters, Outlandish Oysters, Codfathers and Buy the Sea were on hand to provide freshly shucked oysters. As you sipped and sucked your way through the various stations, background melodies by nHarmonix Music added to the decadence.

RBuchanan oysters Artisan IMG_5145RBuchanan oysters Artisan IMG_5146RBuchanan oysters Artisan IMG_5147RBuchanan oysters IMG_5094RBuchanan oysters Buy the Sea IMG_5109 - CopyRBuchanan oysters Buy the Sea IMG_5110 - CopyRBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5124RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5130RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5127RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5131RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5125RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5132RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5133RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5134RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5137RBuchanan oysters Codfathers IMG_5138RBuchanan oysters Covert IMG_5118RBuchanan oysters Covert IMG_5172RBuchanan oysters Covert IMG_5170RBuchanan oysters Covert IMG_5173RBuchanan oysters Covert IMG_5174RBuchanan oysters Medici's IMG_5167RBuchanan oysters IMG_5142RBuchanan oysters IMG_5143RBuchanan oysters Mica IMG_5121RBuchanan oysters Mica IMG_5123RBuchanan oysters Mica IMG_5122RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5154RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5155RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5157RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5159RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5160RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5161RBuchanan oysters Miradoro IMG_5162RBuchanan oysters Nk'Mip IMG_5140RBuchanan oysters Nk'Mip IMG_5141RBuchanan oysters Patisserie IMG_5098RBuchanan oysters Patisserie IMG_5099RBuchanan oysters Sonora Room IMG_5100RBuchanan oysters Sonora Room IMG_5101RBuchanan oysters Terrafina  IMG_5116RBuchanan oysters Terrafina  IMG_5117RBuchanan oysters Terrafina IMG_5115 - CopyRBuchanan oysters Walnut Beach IMG_5119RBuchanan oysters Walnut Beach IMG_5120RBuchanan oysters Watermark IMG_5108RBuchanan oysters Watermark IMG_5097RBuchanan oysters Watermark  IMG_5103

Oyster stations included Artisan Culinary Concepts, Sonora Room at Burrowing Owl, Patisserie d’ Vallee, Mica Restaurant at Spirit Ridge Resort, Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek Winery, Terrafina Restaurant at Hester Creek Winery, Covert Farm Family Estate, Watermark Resort, and Walnut Beach Resort. To accompany these succulent creations wine stations included Castoro De Oro Winery, Covert Farms, Fairview Cellars, Gehringer Brothers, Hester Creek Winery, Inniskillin, Maverick Estate Winery, Nk’Mip Cellars, Oliver Twist Winery, Platinum Bench Winery, Silver Sage Winery, Stoneboat Vineyards, Intersection Winery, and Tinhorn Creek Vineyards.

RBuchanan IMG_5095RBuchanan IMG_5096RBuchanan IMG_5102RBuchanan IMG_5105RBuchanan IMG_5106RBuchanan IMG_5112RBuchanan IMG_5113RBuchanan IMG_5114RBuchanan IMG_5144RBuchanan IMG_5148RBuchanan IMG_5149RBuchanan IMG_5150RBuchanan IMG_5151RBuchanan IMG_5152RBuchanan IMG_5153RBuchanan IMG_5163RBuchanan IMG_5164RBuchanan IMG_5168RBuchanan IMG_5169RBuchanan IMG_5175RBuchanan IMG_5176RBuchanan IMG_5177RBuchanan IMG_5178RBuchanan IMG_5179RBuchanan IMG_5180RBuchanan IMG_5182RBuchanan setting IMG_5093RBuchanan setting IMG_5184RBuchanan setting IMG_5185RBuchanan setting IMG_5186RBuchanan setting IMG_5187

Miradoro Long Table Dinner

We also attended the Miradoro Table Dinner, which was a special long table dinner held at Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek that celebrated the oyster. Once again Jon and Anne-Marie Crofts of Codfathers were serving freshly shucked oysters along with the wine samples. Chef Jeff Van Geest and his kitchen presented a wonderful array of oysters dishes and you had the option of wine-pairing or you could order your Tinhorn Creek wine of choice. OK Wine Shuttle offered transportation $20 per person return from Walnut Beach Resort and throughout the festival, private wine tours could be arranged in advance.

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro  IMG_4981RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro  IMG_4989RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro  IMG_4990RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro  IMG_4994RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro inside  IMG_0374RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro inside  IMG_5001

Miradoro at Tinhorn as a setting

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 1  IMG_5003RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 1b  IMG_5004

The Menu

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 1c IMG_4997RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 2 IMG_5008RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 2a  IMG_0375RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 3  IMG_5012RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 3a Codfathers  IMG_0376RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 4  IMG_5014

The meal

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 4 IMG_5015RBuchanan OOOysterFest Miradoro menu 5  Chef IMG_5005

A toast to Chef Jeff Van Geest

Thursday, Medici’s Gelateria, Oliver, offered an oyster shucking station for lunch while Terrafina at Hester Creek held “Under the Tuscan Sun” – pizza and oyster tasting highlighting new releases from Hester Creek and its bubbly neighbours. On Friday, events included a luncheon at Dolci Artisan Fare with freshly shucked Codfathers oysters paired with a glass of Young & Wyse wine and the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce’s Oyster Brew Party held at Spirit Ridge Conference Centre. Ticket price of $25 included entertainment, complimentary glass and three samples from local vendors showcasing food, beer, cider and wine along with fresh oysters from Effingham Oysters and Codfathers. Saturday in addition to the Art of the Oyster Signature Event that we attended, there was the option of Kayaking with HooDoo Adventures, the Amateur Shuck & Suck Competition hosted by Helen’s Seafood Cover and the Sage Pub, or a Cooking Class with Private Dinner at Hester Creek with a focus on oysters with Chef Jeremy Luypen and Winemaker Rob Summers.

With such great support from local producers and President Holly Plante (co-owner Unveil Shuttles) and members of the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce, just in its second year the Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival was a resounding success. I can hardly wait to see what’s up their sleeves for next year! It was a great way to shake off the remnants of winter blues, celebrate spring and get set for wine festival and summer activities.

Golfing South Okanagan

Special rates are provided at golf courses in the area during the Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival. The South Okanagan Golf Trail offers excellent golf with options for all levels of players. Given many of these courses are open almost year-round and are in great condition in April when golf courses in many areas of Canada aren’t even open yet, there’s even more incentive to take in this fun festival.

Wine Competition Bonus

Bradley James Cooper, Okanagan winemaker and owner with Audralee Daum of Black Cloud Winery www.blackcloud.ca was one of the Canadian Oyster Wine Competition judges. Lucky for Mark and me, he and Audralee inherited some remnants of opened wine left from the judging. They generously invited us after our afternoon of grazing at the Art of the Oyster to join them to polish off some wine along with snacks Audralee put together. Such a fine couple!

RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine rept  IMG_5047 - Copy

JoJo’s Cafe

Before we headed home the next morning we dropped into JoJo’s Cafe for its bargain breakfast sandwich – a truly satisfying way to say goodbye to oysters for awhile. While you’re attending the Third Annual Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Festival, you’ll want to add JoJo’s to your list.

RBuchanan JoJo's breakfast sandwich IMG_5189

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RBuchanan OOOysterFest Wine judges  IMG_0383

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