About Roz as small fry

Live. Learn. Write.

I’m the behind the lenses, author of the words kind of person. In classic drama or opera or the Robertson Davies’ book of the same title, I’d be the player called Fifth Business. Fifth Business is neither heroine nor villain yet instrumental in making the plot happen. I’d far rather learn about you than talk about myself and building relationships is at the core of who I am.

The more I learn, the more I realize I have lots to learn.
When I was a child one of my nicknames was Small Fry.
Now I understand. I really am a small fry in a great big world of learning.

I love uncovering the story that is the essence of each person I meet. As a young reporter/photographer I was sent off to capture a 25-word cut line and photo of a gentleman celebrating his 103rd birthday. Imagine my editor’s mixed reaction when I turned in a 1,000 word biography. To my delight, my editor also found his story intriguing and she published the whole piece.

I am thankful for the charmed life I have lived and now as I enjoy the good fortune of retiring from a full-time career years before the magic 65, I feel there may be a few things worth sharing.

Hard work is second nature to me. I’ve had many job labels such as reporter, photographer, writer, communications strategist, marketing manager, editor, fund development officer, alumni relations director, executive director, events coordinator as well as janitor, production line worker, salesperson and motor vehicles clerk. What has been common to all is the ethical, dependable approach that I brought to each role as well as my sense of humour and ability to laugh at myself. Yes, that and my love for my co-workers and the people that I was fortunate enough to have met.

While I’ve always worked hard, I’ve balanced it with playing hard. Not that I am an accomplished athlete or anything like that but I am passionate about golf, tennis, hiking, scuba diving, skiing and a variety of other sports. In addition, I love to read, travel, cook, eat and drink as well as appreciate fine art and craftsmanship, culture and music.

I was lucky to be born in a family full of love and had a magical childhood that I still embrace. Humans matter deeply to me as do animals and nature in all its wonder. I care about the world around me and can easily be stirred by elements impacting the universe around me. My husband sometimes teases, “Roz is so soft, she cries when someone lets her merge in traffic.”

I do have trouble tolerating people who are prejudiced or pompous or completely self-serving. However, I do try to remind myself to analyze their position and the why of it. And when all else fails, I trust that karma will prevail. I don’t need to witness these folks receiving their measure of karma because I have faith that there are much greater powers than me making such decisions.

My family liked to move a lot. When people hear that I’ve lived in Hull, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; Winnipeg and Fort Churchill, Manitoba; Crooked River and Regina, Saskatchewan; Olds and Calgary, Alberta; Nelson and Penticton, BC, it’s always assumed that I am an army brat. However, only two moves were transfers and that was when my Dad worked for the Department of Public Works. A huge gift my parents gave me, my brother and sister was to act like tourists for the first month of anywhere we moved. Through that simple lesson, I learned to find the beauty in whatever location I find myself. So, while I am Canadian by birth, my perspective is global.

And so that’s me – a middle-aged gal, married to the love of my life, Mark, and slave to two precious felines, Baja and Floyd. I hope you will let me and my menagerie into your life and together we can explore this wonderful world around us.

21 Responses to About Roz as small fry

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Wendy Gibson says:

    Roz that was so open and beautiful. That is you to the tee. I remember writing was always one of your great passions. Your heart was always opened to everyone and the world.
    Your have touched my heart form the time I meet you. I love how you write and express the world around you so effortlessly and visually. As if I’m standing right there beside you.

    Keep up the great work.
    Love always Wendala

  3. Juan says:

    Dear Roz,

    My name is Juan Sanz, and i’m a 28 years old Spanish winemaker. I know your company throught Remy and the WineBloggersConference 2012, but i hope my mail can interest you 😉

    i cant find your email anywhere. sorry to post in here, but i guess is the only way 😦 to get it

    I wish you lots of succes. and hope to keep enjoying some of your articles.


    Juan Sanz

    • rozsmallfry says:

      Thank-you for your kind comments. I am interested in learning more about your work as a winemaker and in designing apps for wines and food. I will send an email to the address provided on your comment here on my blog.

  4. cliffbarre says:


    My name is Cliff Barre and my wife Tiffany and I are responsible green tourists and active writers for our Peace, Love, and Travel blog. I recently came across your blog and really enjoyed reading your article “WBC13 Countdown – BC Winery Each Week – Posting 19.” I would love a chance to speak with your readers about the idea of Green Travel Tips and how it can help them become eco-friendly travelers. I have some tips for before traveling, during traveling, and some green destinations to travel to.

    If you think this topic, or any other for that matter, would be of interest to your readers, please let me know and I’ll start pulling it together.

    I look forward to hearing back from you, thanks!



    • rozsmallfry says:

      Thanks for your comments, Cliff. I haven’t really thought about having guest bloggers on my site although I think your Green Travel Tips would be of interest to many of my readers. Maybe we could link between our blogs. Sorry I’ve been quite busy and slow to respond. Let me check out your blog and get back to you. Cheers, Roz

  5. HI Roz, it was a true pleasure meeting you today and photographing you for Okanagan Woman Magazine. I am loading the photos here at home and you look lovely. Thanks for being such a great sport! I love your blog. You can find me through my blog at photographykelowna.net or wendymcalpine.com The commercial photography site is still in the making. Have a great summer!

    • rozsmallfry says:

      Wendy, the pleasure was mine. You were so fun to work with, I may have relaxed in spite of myself! I’ll check out your site. Hope to see you again one day soon, Roz

  6. Hi Roz. Couldn’t find an email address for you so I’m leaving a comment here. As a condition for recently accepting a Liebster Award nomination, I was required to search the blogosphere for a handful of blogs to nominate in turn. Yours was one of four I discovered. If you’re interested, you can read more about the Liebster Awards on my own acceptance page: http://blog.nopensionwilltravel.com/liebster-award/ No obligation to follow this up – I hmmmed and hawed about my own nomination for several weeks. Either way, congratulations, and I’ll enjoy following along in future. Paul

  7. rozsmallfry says:

    Thanks so much for your comment. Claire was a truly amazing person.

  8. Jennifer James says:

    Found your blog via HelloBC and wanted to ask you some questions about your bike ride from Chute Lake to Penticton.

  9. Katie @ HM Commercial Group says:

    Hi Roslyne! I just wanted to reach out because our company is putting together a marketing piece for projects we’ve worked on, and it appears our graphic design subcontractor may have snagged a photo from your blog for this piece, and we wanted to check in with you to make sure you are okay with us using it? It is a photo of the new Craft Brewery building in Downtown Kelowna. If you could let us know if you are okay with us using it or not it would be much appreciated. If not I will ensure our graphic designer removes it right away. Thank you.

    • rozsmallfry says:

      Hi Katie: Generally speaking I am fine with one of my photos being used with attribute. I’m just now sure which photo specifically you mean. Can you clarify? Thanks, Roslyne

  10. evanhclarke says:

    Hi! Love your work 🙂 I am interested in using one of your photos. One of our staff was at the Naramata Bench celebration and you took a photo of her in the wine vault. May we use it for a social media post? We will credit you as the photographer


  11. dfolstad58 says:

    I love discovering other Canadian bloggers, and when I find one from the Okanagan, then I really smile!

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